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  • COVID-19 UPDATE AS OF 4/30/20

    Pawling Families and Friends, 

    Thank you for being proud and loyal supporters of our Recreation Department, even as we find new ways to connect virtually, curbside, and from a distance! 

    As we move into May, I would like to continue the updates about future programming and events due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still monitoring this situation daily and as Dutchess County restores itself in a phased approach, Pawling Recreation will be moving right alongside the trends safely and with an abundance of caution. We are determining what our own reopening procedures look like, establishing clear procedures, and preparing ourselves for many different scenarios especially as it relates to the upcoming summer season.

    We must make some major changes to our programming and events, prioritizing our community’s safety first. Very specific modifications have not been determined at this time, but we wanted to make sure our Pawling Recreation supporters know that we are constantly thinking of you - even if we don’t have all the answers. We will do our best to ensure there are valuable experiences and positive community connections made, despite the unfortunate circumstances of our ‘new normal’.

    Here are some key points to know as of 4/30/20:
    • Waterfront opening is on HOLD until further notice, originally scheduled for 5/23 as we await more information through the permit approval process to ensure public safety and if opening at a later date is a possibility.
    • Pawling Community Day is CANCELED until further notice, originally scheduled for 6/20. A date in the Fall will be discussed pending group gathering requirements at that time and we still look forward to celebrating with you!
    • The Pawling Triathlon is CANCELED for 2020 and tentatively RESCHEDULED for 7/10/21. Hosting a large multi-sport event will not be a responsible decision for our athletes, staff, sponsors, or volunteers this summer.
    • All summer registration is on HOLD until further notice. Our services will need to look extremely different if we are able to host any type of programming or event on-site. THIS INCLUDES: summer camp programs, waterfront memberships, swim team, and swim lessons.
    • If any summer programming is delayed or canceled, we will be issuing refunds or credits as promptly as possible.
    • If we are still able to offer modified services for camp or at the waterfront, our fee structure is subject to change in order to create a fair experience for Pawling Residents. We have already decided to issue full refunds for anyone with a lake season membership for 2020. If the lake is operational, Pawling Recreation will move to a daily pass or time-slot reservation method to access the waterfront/beach.
    • Seasonal staff hiring remains on HOLD and on-site certification classes are canceled. Current certified staff have received extension instructions from the American Red Cross.
    • Continue communicating positive and realistic thoughts to your children about the future and practice daily gratitude for being safe and loved at home right now. 
    • No matter what happens we are here for you and remain AMPED FOR CAMP...embracing this saying is more than just the expectation of camp, it’s an attitude! You can look forward to more details (coming soon) about an engaging and collaborative camp experience project that is sure to keep spirits up. #stayAMPED #ampedforcamp
    While in our parks, please continue practicing respectful recreation and maintaining a safe social distance. Remember that masks are required if you’re near others in public spaces. Even though it may be warming up and very tempting, playgrounds, our dog park, and gathering on the courts or fields are still not permitted.  

    Overall, it’s very humbling to see that the simplest things can be the most meaningful. Taking a breath of fresh air or a short walk outdoors after feeling virtually overwhelmed is important. Surprising someone with spring flowers or a friendly, handwritten note could mean the world. Share some gratitude, stay active, and carve out some time to connect. Above everything else, keep being kind - to yourself and to others. 

    Be well,

    Jessica Dickinson, CPRP
    Recreation Director
    Town of Pawling

    Pawling Families and Friends,

    Please know we are thinking of you constantly. You may have heard that the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health has announced that they will not be issuing permits for the waterfront or summer camps due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation at this time.

    I’d like to take a moment to let you know that we still remain optimistic as these days and weeks pass but we understand there are many scenarios on the table as options, including the questions: “are we having summer camp?” and “will we be able to use the lake?”

    Like you, we are monitoring this situation very closely each day and we are not sure where this path may ultimately lead. We are remaining extremely positive, but realistic and thoughtful. Take hope in the fact that there are many ways we can best serve you during these challenging times and we will be prepared for anything here in the Town of Pawling.

    Here are a few key points to know at this moment:

    - If we are able to host summer camp at Lakeside Park, then we will be ready as usual!
    - If we cannot host camp on-site, we have a creative plan to connect you virtually to a valuable camp experience.
    - If camp, summer programming, or the waterfront opening is delayed or canceled, we will be issuing refunds or credits as promptly as possible.
    - Camp scholarship decisions are currently on hold, but please continue to submit your application forms.
    - Seasonal staff hiring and certification classes will be delayed until further notice.
    - We are still accepting online registration for all summer programming, camps, and waterfront memberships; please take advantage of our "register now, pay later" option upon check-out.
    - Always communicate positive thoughts to your children about the future and practice daily gratitude for being safe and loved at home right now.
    - No matter what happens we are here for you and will remain AMPED FOR CAMP.

    We thank you for being proud supporters of our Recreation Department and we count on you to stay fine stewards of our parks, as they have proven to be essential assets in our community. We are seeing the many benefits of being outdoors in our green spaces. As the weather warms up a bit, take advantage of the sunshine!

    Please be mindful that playgrounds, our dog park, and gathering on the courts or fields are not permitted. Each one of us must do our part to remain a healthy community - physically and mentally. Get outside each day, cherish time with your loved ones, practice your best social distancing, and through all of this: be kind to each other.

    Be well and remember we are here for you each step of the way,
    Jessica Dickinson, CPRP
    Recreation Director
    Town of Pawling

    #pawlingrec #liveworkplaypawling #havefaith #ampedforcamp

    Dear Community,

    As we are in the business of bringing people together, our priority is the safety and well-being of our community. That being said, we wanted to reach out regarding the ongoing discussions of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how the Pawling Recreation Department is handling our programs and events.

    After Friday, March 13, The Town of Pawling Recreation Department will be following the advice of our Dutchess County leaders. All recreation activities, classes and events, will be cancelled or postponed through April. This includes private events and organizations that have booked our facilities. SEE DETAILED LIST BELOW.

    If you have paid for any recreation program/event that is affected, we will issue household credits for you to use toward future programming.

    We will continue to monitor the situation working closely with Dutchess County and our Town Board. Updates will be posted on our website, social media pages and through periodic email blasts. If there is advisement of resuming programs and gatherings earlier than the end of April, we will happily share that information!

    While trying to navigate through this time, please remember to take advantage of the great outdoors in any way. There are so many positive health benefits of being outside including lowering our stress level and boosting our energy. We encourage everyone to get outside, have fun and try something new. Hike a new trail, play a game of basketball on our outdoor courts, or go for a bike ride. Always remember, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently and avoid contact with sick people.

    We are all in this together. Please connect with us via social media or send us an email. We would love to hear how we can continue serving you through the many benefits of recreation. Time to get creative!

    Be well,
    Jessica & Robyn
    Town of Pawling Recreation Department
    2 Lakeside Drive
    Pawling, New York 12564
    @pawlingrec on Facebook & Instagram


    Indoor Tag Sale (Saturday, March 21)
    Senior Luncheon (Tuesday, March 24)
    Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Saturday, April 4)
    Aquaturf Trip (Tuesday, April 14)
    AARP Driving Class (Tuesday, April 21)
    Senior Luncheon (Tuesday, April 28)
    All Events taking place at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Building

    Senior Drop In Center & Dutchess County Office of the Aging Friendship Center
    Mini Mingle
    Co-Ed Volleyball
    Over 35 Basketball
    Intro to Wrestling
    Rec Clubs
    Cooking Club
    Yoga with Julia
    Amped for Camp Days (April 6 – April 9)
    Trade Skills Expo (April 21)
    Holmes Whaley Lake Thrift Shop
    All programs taking place at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Building

    Weight Watchers
    Rotary Meetings
    Interact Club Meetings
    Scout Meetings
    Journey of Hope
    Birthday Parties
    All private rentals of any Town owned facility including the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Building

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Recreation Director: Jessica Dickinson
Assistant Recreation Director: Robyn Priano
Checks can be made out to "Town of Pawling".
Credit Card Convenience Fee: There is a $3 min  or  3.5% convenience fee, whichever is higher, on your total balance at the end of your transaction.  The program fee will be billed by Pawling Recreation & Parks, and the processing fee will be billed by RegFee Payments  The town does not collect or keep the convenience fees. Credit card refunds will be given as an account credit. Convenience fees are not refundable.



Family bonds are improved by the sharing of leisure time. Families that recreate together tend to be closer, more cohesive and improve their chances of staying together. This is true with both parent-child relationships and married couples.  Families are the cornerstone in promoting well-being and healthy development in children.

Recent studies show disturbing trends about children who regularly come home to an empty house: higher than average drop out rate, drug abuse, truancy and depression.
Good news for working parents! Many communities' parks and recreation agencies provide after school and summer child care.
In Fort Myers, Florida, 80% of the adolescents who enrolled and participated in the STARS (Success Through Academics and Recreational Support) program improved their grades.

Sports participants had significantly lower body mass index values, lower blood pressures, and lower resting pulse rates.
The physically fit person is less prone to injury, and is less likely to experience depression.

Childhood participation in organized fitness and sports programs helps attain higher bone density establishing a strong health base to combat osteoporosis in later life.
An estimated 66,000 U.S. deaths from coronary heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes could be prevented annually if one half of the sedentary people became active on a regular basis.

When young people feel good about themselves they operate more effectively and productively in our communities, families and schools. Adventure programs teach the importance of trust, appropriate risk taking, supportive social interaction and personal challenge while creating valuable life long memories.
Leaders are trained, developed and nurtured through leisure organizations such as teen clubs, camps and programs.

In Nationwide polls, 89% of all Americans report that they often experience high levels of stress and 59% claimed that they feel great stress at least once a week. Positive and enjoyable recreation experiences can decrease stress and psychological tensions. Leisure activities provide people with the opportunity to expel energy and emotion not being released in other aspects of their lives. Psychologists found that activities such as a walk in the woods gave a boost to the immune system that lasted two or three days. Each additional mile walked or run by a sedentary person would give him or her an extra 21 minutes of life. According to the Gallup Poll for American Health, Americans who exercised regularly were 2.5 times more likely to report that they were happier than Americans who didn’t exercise at all.

Social interaction through recreation breaks down unfamiliarity, fear and isolation, factors associated with racism; and promotes positive contact between different ethnic groups and the broader community. The strength of a community is increased through recreation activities that allow people to share cultural and ethnic differences.

Land and water parks enhance the quality of life and contribute positively to the mental health of its citizens. Both mild and clinical depression can be reduced with activities such as water aerobics and swimming. "Active Living" is a concept that connects the mind, body and spirit in physical activity.

Community pride is generated through leisure and park facilities. When communities compare themselves to one another, eager to improve, they almost always evaluate their levels of open space, recreation facilities, and leisure program development.

Juvenile criminal activity dropped 24% in Cincinnati, Ohio during the first 13 weeks of their late night basketball program. Summer late night weekend recreation activities costing only 74 cents per person reduced juvenile crime by 52% in Phoenix, Arizona where it costs almost $40,000 to jail one teen for one year. The bottom line: it costs 100 times as much to incarcerate than to recreate.

A child develops social skills, problem solving and creativity through early play experiences. The best opportunities are those that are planned and supervised. Physical activity is intellectually stimulating and enhances the learning process and the development of cognitive skills.

Upon opening a National Bowling Stadium, Reno Nevada generated $238 million in the first 6 months. The 1995 Monet exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago generated $389 million with visitors spending $31 million on hotels, $31 million on shopping, $22 million in restaurants and $18 million for transportation. One adult softball tournament is estimated to generate $50,000, when 50 teams outside the city participate. Under these circumstances, the capital costs of building a one million dollar softball complex could be repaid after only 20 tournaments. Every tournament after that is profit that could be reinvested into other community needs. Golf was responsible for creating over 12,000 full and part time jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Physically active older people typically benefit from lower blood pressure, increased muscle strength, joint flexibility, and lower total cholesterol levels than do less active people. Leisure activities can provide for the creation of new social relationships for Seniors after the loss of a loved one. Someone turns 50 every 8.4 seconds. By 2005, it is estimated one in five Americans will be 65 and older.

When choosing business sites, employers strongly consider the quality of life provided by an area’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural programs.

General Electric found that employees who exercised were absent from work 45% fewer days than those who didn’t. Union Pacific Railroad found that their exercise programs helped employees to be more productive at work and achieve higher levels of concentration.
Firms that provide for employee fitness and health programs experience decreased employee turnover.

Two of the fastest growing segments of tourism are festival and event driven tourism. A recent study indicates the fondest memories people have of their past tend to involve family outings and vacations.

In Salem, Oregon, urban land next to a greenbelt was worth $1,200 more per acre than urban land 1,000 feet away. Cities such as Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Spokane have proven that investments in waterfront and other open space development have succeeded in attracting new business and boosting tourism with subsequent increase in tax revenue.
Location of a business on the San Antonio Texas Riverwalk is considered very desirable. It provides a retreat for employees at lunch and offers a valuable greenspace in the central business district.

Trees help deal with the serious pollution problem caused by the use of fossil fuels. Clean water is essential for the protection of humans and animals.
American rank clean air and clean water number one and two when choosing qualities for "The Best Places to Live" - Money magazine 1995.

Membership in environmental groups is soaring and a trend toward natural environment based recreation activities indicates strong emphasis and learning.
Gardening is at an all time high in popularity. Working with living plants, and seeing them grow and mature brings personal satisfaction and relaxation.
Without increased amounts of natural habitat, forest lands, wetlands, cultural sites and recreation lands, the continued degradation of habitat will continue and undoubtedly lead to additional Endangered Species listings.
"We should exercise foresight in conserving and wisely using the property which contains the assurance of well-being for us and our children." -Theodore Roosevelt, 1908.

After school sports, as well as Arts and Craft classes enlighten children about the concept of team play: Together Everyone Achieves More.
Positive conflict resolution is a skill which can be applied all life long. Appropriate risk taking, and a healthy sense of competition and sportsmanship can substitute for violent confrontation related to gang activity.

The social need for recreation has been identified as a men’s for community involvement and an expression of citizenship. A sense of community and social contact is fostered in order to combat urban social problems like loneliness and isolation. Our National Parks attract 88% more people than Disney World and Disney Land. Visits to state, regional and local parks exceed on billion annually.

*Benefits of Recreation taken from