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Mission Statement:  To create an internal view of self that is free and full of curiosity.   Through this innocent and fun lense of self, not only is  the space to investigate and educate the physical body provided in a judgement free zone, but the practitioner is provided the opportunity to see and nurture the child within toward wellness in the present.  In this inquisitive place, practitioners shine light within themselves for physical benefits, but  importantly, shine light for their subtle, emotional well being.  This light illuminates from the inside, being more readily turned out, integrating the power within with the power out.  We will access this conduit of curious investigation through Hatha Yoga Techniques, such as breathwork, physical asanas, and meditation.
(All offerings are via the Zoom App)
Yoga & Wellness Class Offerings:
MONDAYS:  "WELLNESS GROUP" THIS IS FREE!! and Happening Now!! 7:30- 8:30PM, zoom, 30minute Fusion of pilates, yoga, and weights "Wellness Workout" prior to "Wellness Support Group" - a support group for whatever diet and lifestyle habits your needing support to update, change, or bring into your world. Please contact me for more information. 
TUESDAYS: "Greeting the Day with Hugs," 9:30 - 11:AM (EST), zoom,  March 16th - April 27th, 2021,  
1.5 hours gentle movement class to awaken the body, breath and spirit to greet the day with harmony and connection.  This class includes pranayama (breath work), some meditation, and gentle to intermediate movement with suggested modifications as necessary.  This is a beginner to intermediate level class.
Cost: $45.00
WEDNESDAYS: "Awaken with the Sun," 7:AM - 8:AM (EST), zoom, March 24th - April 28th, 2021 - 1 hour movement class to awaken the body and breath following a prescribed set of movements based on "Surya Namaskar," the Sun Salutation. By following the prescribed set of movements, we can observe the variations in the body from week to week.  Great practice to build strength and flexibility.  This class is for more than beginner up to advanced yogis, some yoga experience suggested. Cost: $40.00  
THURSDAYS: "Let Go into the Evening," 7:00PM - 8:30PM (EST), zoom, March 18th - April 29th, 2021. 1.5hour combination of pranayama (breath work), some meditation, and movement.  We begin with movement, and end in restorative poses, grounded and ready for the rest of the evening and sleep.  This class is for All Levels, beginners to advanced.  Cost: $45.00
Workshop Offerings: (all workshops are DONATION based, suggested $25.00, but pay what you can afford.  Donations will be distributed to local non-profit such as, Pawling Resource Center, Pawling Yoga & Wellness, and others).
- MANDALA PAINTING FUN FOR ALL!  This 1.5hour workshop is to introduce a yantra, pictorial representation of a prayer, in the form of a mandala.  A mandala is a balanced picture, a mirror image of itself, created with an intention or prayer to invoke a certain meditation to the viewer.  This workshop is meant to be "low key," welcome to all ages and abilities, to have fun and feel community.  Bring food and drinks and connect while we create and raise good vibrations!  
Date: MARCH 12th, FRIDAY, 7:00PM - 8:30PM (EST), 
- DANCE YO' CHA-CHA-CHAKRAS! This is a 40 minute workshop to Dance and have fun while connecting with and creating awareness around your chakra energy system! This is for fun and levity while moving the body and shaking off the dust!! class will be offered every last TERRIFIC TUESDAY of the month til April! Dates:  MARCH 30th, April 27th, 2021.  PRE-REGISTRATION WITH ME REQUIRED
- THE SPINNING WHEELS: A Chakra Workshop: in this workshop, participants will learn about and develop an awareness of the specifics about the energy system in the system body known as the "chakra system." According to all branches of yoga, the chakras are major energy centers that are instrumental in our health and wellness, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  
Date: MARCH 20th, 3:00 - 4:30PM (EST)   



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