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Lakeside Park

Facility Information

2 Lakeside Drive
Pawling, NY 12564
Phone: (845) 855-1131

Lakeside Park Rentals
The Lathrop Building is available to rent to organizations. We do not rent the building out for private/individual functions.
The Pavilion at Lakeside Park is available for private parties and or functions. 

  1. Fees may be changed or waived at the absolute discretion of the Town Board.
  2. Events with 300 or more attendees require ambulance, constable(s) and a Member(s) of the Buildings and Grounds Department during the time prior to, during and after the event for coverage.  The sponsors of these events are responsible for the cost associated with this coverage.
  3. Rental of Entire Park will be handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Town Board.

Fee Schedule
Lathrop Building                                 Resident                     Non-Resident
Meeting Rooms*:
     JC Penney Board Room                               $200/day                           $425/day
     Johnson Room                                           $100/day                            $275/day
                                                                        $20/hr.                               $ 50/hr

Auditorium*                                                    $350/day                            $700/day

Lathrop Building*                                           $750/day                            $2000/day
(entire building)

FIELD USAGE*                                                $ 1000/wk                         $ 2000/day
                                                                       $ 250/day                          $ 500/day

Note:   The field fee usage applies to the Great Lawn at Lakeside Park.  This fee does not include the pavilion, or indoor restrooms.

Indoor Restroom Fee*                                   $ 100/day                          $300/day

Pavilion*                                                        $ 200/day                          $450/day

(* up to 50 people- more than 50 the fee increases by $30.00)

New Foundland Dog Club                                                                         $800/weekend

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